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Philosopher’s Stone---The Penultimate High?

ArticlesPosted by Katrina Sisowath Wed, October 22, 2014 14:38:25

Philosopher’s Stone---The Penultimate High?

“To make gold—you must take gold”

After a disastrous war, when most of the Annunaki had been killed or fled, the substitute known as Shem-anna, Highward Fire Stone or the Phoenix Stone by the Priestly Kings and Queens in place of the Star Fire harvested from the Annunaki Priestesses. This is the manna fed to the Israelites, the shewbread given to King David and it is found in texts and engravings all over the ancient world, from bas-reliefs on temples showing Egyptian pharaohs holding white ‘cones’ on plates to an Alexandrian text detailing a ‘Paradise Stone’ which gives youth to the elderly.

Indeed, in the late 1890’s a British explorer by the name of Petrie found on Mount Sinai (the sacred mountain of Moses) the remains of an Egyptian temple which appeared to have been used in a mass production of something. He could only find mounds of a white powder, some of which was sent back to England to be analyzed. But, as his excavation contradicted church beliefs and the Egyptian Exploration Fund who financed Petrie had as its stated mission, to discover that which supported the Bible, the results of his findings were with held from the public.

This white ‘flour’ was made from not only gold itself, but the metals that comprise the platinum group i.e. iridium, rhodium and palladium, iridium being a key fire-stone of ancient Sumer. Iridium and Rhodium have anti-aging properties, while ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with our DNA and cellular body. When the gold and platinum metals, activated by the Master Metallurgists servicing the priest-kings, into a monotonic high-spin state, activated the endocrine glandular system in a way that heightened awareness and aptitude to extraordinary levels. The high-spin powder of gold has a distinct effect upon the pineal gland and its increased melatonin production while iridium has a similar effect on the serotonin production of the pituitary gland.

So how was it made? In Genesis of the Grail Kings, the authors explain:

A normal atom has around it a screening potential—a positive screening produced by the nucleus. The majority of electrons going round the nucleus are within this screening potential, except for the very outer electrons. The nucleus goes to the highward or high-spin state when the positive screening potential expands to bring all of the electrons under the control of the nucleus.

These electrons normally travel around the nucleus in pairs-a spin forward electron and a spin-reverse electron. But when these come under the influence of a high-spin nucleus, all the spin-forward electrons become correlated with the spin-reverse electrons. When perfectly correlated, the electrons turns to pure ‘white light’ and it is impossible for the individual atoms in the high-spin substance to link together so the whole remains as a powder.

In simplistic terms, the white powder is created by striking the metal sample, under strictly controlled conditions for a pre-calculated time with a designated high-heat.” (End of excerpt)

What were the effects of this magical white powder? One can only imagine. But with so many areas of the brain being activated at once with the senses becoming magnified, along with an immediate flush of health, vitality and youth, it’s easy to surmise how the one ingesting it felt ‘Godlike’. If there were side effects they were not recorded. Instead we have accounts of living longer while retaining youthfulness and great strength, a higher plane of awareness and the ability to out-think everyone else. In short, modern drugs such as cocaine and E are only a poor substitute for what once was considered the ‘food of the Gods’ and given to rulers as a sign of divinity and to enable them to rule well.

An interesting point is increased melatonin production means sensitivity to daylight, and so those who partook of the Fire Stone tended to sleep through the day and stay up through the night, becoming known as ‘the Princes of Darkness’